Individual Therapy


Individual services are offered by appointment. If your schedule is flexible, I can usually arrange an appointment for you within two weeks. I find that people benefit most from a 50-60 minute session scheduled on some kind of regular basis. During our first meeting, we usually discuss what your goals are for coming to see me, and work on a plan that fits your needs. If you are not clear what kind of service you need, or whether I am the right person for you to work with, I recommend you make a phone appointment to discuss your needs, or book a preliminary brief assessment (15-20) minutes. These preliminary discussions are free, and carry no obligations. 


My fees follow the guidelines set by my professional association; currently $160 per session. However, I also believe that therapy and counselling ought to help people solve problems, not create new ones. Therefore if the regular fee schedule creates financial hardship for you, make a telephone appointment and we can have a confidential discussion to see if we can find a way to scale the service so it is affordable for you. 


All client information, including everything discussed verbally or correspondence in writing will be kept private and confidential to the full extent allowed by Canadian law. No information pertaining to a client will be disclosed to anyone without written and signed permission by the client. Canadian law obliges psychologists to disclose information if children are at risk of harm. Psychologists, doctors and counsellors are not given a “class” protection in law. If you have any questions about the legal limits of confidentiality, please feel free to ask me. 

Before the first meeting: I recommend that you print and fill out he attached form and bring it to your first appointment.