About Me

Dr. Adam O. Horvath R.Psy.

Professional Biography


Received BA from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia), masters (MSW) from McGill, and my doctorate (EdD) from the University of British Columbia.


As a therapist my work has benefited greatly from my clinical mentors. My first inspiration to become a therapist came from attending classes given by Prof. H. Dimock, a student of Carl Rogers. During my graduate student years, in I have had the benefit of training supervision at the Allan Memorial Institute (a psychoanalytically oriented teaching centre of McGill), Jewish General Hospital (McMaster Systemic Family Therapy), and Dr. J. Moreno (psychodrama). Later in my career I was influenced by professional encounters with W. Glasser (Reality Therapy), Dr. Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), and Dr. S. Minuchin (Structural Therapy). The list of my instructors and “inspirations” would be incomplete without mentioning the collective influence on my work of many colleagues, students, and most importantly my clients.

Clinical Experience

I have started my professional career working with older people (Maimonides  Hospital, Que), next I worked with youth and families  in agencies both in Quebec and BC (BBYO, Burnaby Mental Health, Maples, GVMH). I also worked briefly as a director of psychological services for drug and alcohol services in BC. My career as a trainer and  educator/supervisor of therapists started in 1969 (UBC) and continues to this day. I have been actice in private practice since 1972.


Academic Teaching/Research Career

2006-              Professor Emeritus

2002-              Consultant: U do Minho (Porugal); U Desarrollo (Chile)

1985-06          SFU Professor; Counselling Psychology

1984-85          UBC Lecturer


1983-84          SFU Visiting Professor

1980-82          SFU (Graduate Faculty Associate)


During my academic career I have published over 60 articles, presented 200+ conference papers, wrote chapters for edited volumes, and a book.  I have also conducted a number of major research projects focusing on the question: What makes psychotherapy work? My contributions to the science side of psychotherapy lead to my colleagues selecting me as the president of the North American Society for Psychotherapy Research (1999-2002).

While I am sill active as a researcher, I have chosen to re-focus most of my energies onto my first love; therapy. I find that working with clients combines all of my professional interest into a single activity; it presents many challenges, but even greater rewards, each day.

What is My Orientation?

I find this question quite difficult to answer briefly. Reflecting on my current style of work, I realize that I learnt much from all of my mentors. I have built upon their wisdom and utilize my thirty five years of experiences with clients. I also use knowledge that cames from my activities as a researcher and supervisor observing thousands of hours of therapies. I believe that the task of the therapist is to work collaboratively with the client to find unique ways to solve their problems, rather than to fit the client to a theory of cure. Yet I would be also reluctant to call myself an “eclectic” therapist; not everything that is purported to be “the latest discovery to getting well & happy instantly” works. My approch is flexible but empirically informed; I work in ways that have credible and demonstrated efficacy. I offer services to indivisuals, couples and families.